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Putting Green Installation Los Angeles

For an enhanced golfing experience, the team members at Royal Turf are skilled in putting green installation. Using the latest in artificial turf technology, you’ll find that the fake grass in our putting greens provides a better playing surface than even the highest quality standard grass.

The green doesn’t become damaged by excessive sunlight, doesn’t need watering (which is beneficial if there is a drought) and is very hard wearing.

No matter how many players there are, or how many shots they take, the putting green will remain pristine and suitable for play at any time of the year. How many golf courses can say the same?

The modern artificial turf that we use replicates the look and feel of a range of grasses, and so we can easily find the ideal choice for your putting green installation.

About Putting Green Installation

The grass found on putting greens around the world is the most high-maintenance part of any golf course. The grass must allow the ball to roll smoothly and freely, and any defects can cause players great problems.

The artificial turf used in our putting green installation service has no such issues. The grass is a uniform length, and never changes. There are no dead or brown spots to alter the performance of the ball, and so it is the ideal surface for putting on.

Preparation is the key to a great putting green installation. The ground below must be flattened and smoothed to ensure the artificial grass can be laid properly. Any existing turf must be removed to guarantee a firm and stable subsurface.

Once prepared, the fake grass is fitted. Our team will help you to choose the right type of artificial grass to use based on your needs, and your budget.

We complete the artificial turf installation by laying the new turf on top of the subsurface and securing it into place. You can trust our attention to detail to ensure that your new putting green is perfect for your golfing needs.

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If you want a putting green installing at a great price, we’ll help you get it done in an entirely stress-free manner. We are the team you can trust with all your requirements for a beautiful putting green installation.

Get started today by calling (702) 605-5405 or sending an email to [email protected] to obtain a quote. We look forward to hearing from you.